Jewelry designed by sense of touch and inspired by the anatomy of the body. It stimulates the body by a variety of incentives such as heat, cold, weight, texture. Each element is an extension of the body that gives

micro pleasure for the skin. Each items are made of carefully selected and tested materials. This selection allows to achieve a specific response of the body. Objects designed for women by a woman. See more.

A collection that emphasizes the individual character of each amber. The idea was associated with unusual combination of materials and finding a new freshness in well-known objects.

Contrasting conections of indeterminate shapes, structure with very specific and straight cutting or symmetry. The contrasts are also visible in the used plastics. A composi-
tion of wood, amber, synthetic and resin provides a modern and unprecedented effect. See more.

The main objective in my designs is to leave traditional jewelry behind and create separate segments of objects to wear.  Every object has to be peculiar and encourage observation from every side.  Each piece has to operate independently and without context.
  Combining amber with different materials allows my work to gain new overtones and associations.  These materials need to act and harmonize in situations created

by me. I understand sensuality in a broad sense and it’s reflected in the presented shapes and styles.
  My objects are not another ordinary piece of jewelry and all of them have to arouse emotions, for example the “cap on the nipple.”  The subject of amber jewelry is strictly defined and conditioned by tradition.  I wish to show it in an innovative form which has nothing to do with previous applications or stereotypical feelings. See more.

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